Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well, ALF Warz hasn't been picked up by an agent or a publisher as yet.
Quite disappointing, considering how much crap does get published by the tradional print media.
I guess if ALF Warz was a teen supernatrual angst fest I'd be signing the movie rights contract about now.

I finished a modern day military based adventure thriller a few months ago, called Havoc. Still waiting to see if anyone wants that, as well.

In the meantime I have had one result...with a story I wrote almost two years ago, began life as Cog Town, re-titled as the Secret of Konrad Drexler and published in a SFF ebook anthology called Breechspace.

My fellow SFF author and friend John Whalen has this to say about my story in the antho:

Among the talented writers in the collection is Kevin Lumley, known as Jaqhama by his friends on the Internet. His novela, “The Secret of Konrad Drexler,” is a steampunk tale told much in the manner of an early Edgar Rice Burroughs historical adventure. There’s the gallant hero, the beautiful love interest, the unusual location. Solid writing that makes great reading. Available from:

Being compared to ERB is quite a compliment, as I'm a huge fan of his sword and planet adventures.

My good wife, Linda provided much of the editing for my story and others in the anthology.

Linda and I are currently re-editing a half dozen of my sword and sorcery stories for inclusion in an ebook that we plan to have available in the next four weeks or so.

Tenatively titled: Of Swordsmen and Sorcery: Volume One.

We've already got the front cover sorted, designed and drawn by ourselves. A full colour piece of artwork that tastefully reflects one of the novellas in the ebook.

Linda and I are also helping Dave Felts at SF Reader to initiate and produce a new small press, under the banner of SF Reader Press...our intention to publish in either ebook or POD a number of genre specific anthologies, the first being a Steampunk antho.

I've already got a couple of suitable stories ready to go for that and it's now just a case of waiting for the end of June deadline to see what other stories we get from the rest of the invited authors.

Cheers: Jaq

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