Friday, June 8, 2012


I've just sent ALF WARZ and Doc Havoc to a print publisher that is currently open to submissions.
Fingers crossed that either or both novels pique their interest.

Should there be no interest then I've decided that this is the last time I'll bother submitting to a traditional print publisher.

I'll move past traditional print publishers and produce both books as Ebooks and POD.

It's high past time when both ALF WARZ and Doc Havoc deserve to be out in the world for the enjoyment of others who love their military based sci-fi action/adventure and cross genre thrillers.

Both are written to editorial standard, both will produced using a reputable ebook formatter who utilises the capabilities of all the various ebook platforms.

The maximum response time from the publisher has been quoted as three months.
I'm prepared to wait the three months. 
After that, if the novels don't get picked up, it's onward and upward, taking advantage of the writer's new best friend...ebook and POD publishing.

Sure, I know a lot of self-published ebooks are below standard in terms of story, spelling, grammer, sentence structure etc.
But there's also a whole raft of authors whose work is first class and professional, and it seems it doesn't take long until quality rises up through the ranks, thanks to reader reviews and word of mouth, or word of internet, as the case may be.

So...three months.

Either I'll get accepted and look forward to getting one or both of my novels into paper print...or I'll get another rejection, shrug and move on to the ebook and POD market.

For now I wait...

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