Friday, August 31, 2012

Action and passion with a Steampunk setting!


I've got a couple of nice reviews for a story that has been published in a shared world anthology.

Originally titled: Cog Town, but published as: The Secret of Konrad Drexler.

The story is narrated by an ex-cavalry captain named Malaki Kris Rook and takes place in a Steampunk setting.

Reviewed by Tim James for

Breachspace Chronicles are a series of short stories in a ‘shared universe’ setting created by Nuno Teixeira. It is a well conceived world that is so well designed that it can cover any type of story from horror to SF to fantasy without creating any conflict.
In a nutshell the world was destroyed with the opening of a Hellmouth that spewed forth all forms of monstrosities, throwing the planet back centuries of development and totally reshaping it around them.

The Secret of Konrad Drexlar by Kevin Lumley

When a reknowned ex-soldier turns up at Cog Town, one of the most important cities of the new world, he finds that the simple task he has been charged with has been complicated by the murder of his inventor contact – as he searches to find out what it was he was meant to retrieve he might just find love, danger and something that could change the world forever.

It’s a great story, with a strong voice, Lumley really makes you hear the protagonist as he tells the tale. It is an excellent introduction to Cog Town, capturing the feel of the world, and the way in which things that we take for granted might be rediscovered. The other characters are well drawn, and the romance that is part of the story works well. The ending feels that we have been shown a snippet of another world, with the feeling that life goes on afterwards, that the characters have lives beyond these words which is a tremendous trick to pull off.

Nice review.

I enjoyed creating a Steampunk city for Captain Rook's adventures to take place in.
I just imagined Bernard Cornwall's Richard Sharpe character in a different setting.
It turned out quite well.

My wife, Linda Lumley, edited Cog Town and some of the other stories in the anthology.

The shared world anthology can be found here: 

Cheers: Jaq

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