Saturday, November 23, 2013

ALF Warz now published as an eBook

Well it's been a long time coming but I've finally gotten around to publishing ALF Warz: The Iron Sergeant as an eBook on the Kindle and Smashwords platforms...and Smashwords apparently links my book for sale to most of the other eBook retailers as well, such as Barnes and Noble and the Kobo etc.

ALF Warz: The Iron Sergeant launched this morning (my time) on the Kindle and I had two readers purchase copies within an hour or so. You can't ask for more that.

It's mid-evening now and I've just uploaded my novel to the Smashwords eBook platform.

I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens, got a number of fans on a Survival forum I write for and I already know that some of those folks will purchase a few copies. (Thanks guys!)

All I can think to make mention of at the moment.

Finally got a novel in print, even if it is virtual print.

Here it is in the Kindle store:

And here it is at Smashwords:

Cheers: KJL

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