Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The crabs have returned!

In the tradition of James Herbert's The Rats and Guy N. Smith's Night of the Crabs, here is my own offering in the genre: Crustacean Carnage.

Marc Sarrett, a former French Foreign Legion sniper has retired to the idyllic south pacific island of Moa.
Tired of violence and war, his main concerns now are working on his tan, running his adventure tour business and relaxing in the company of his island friends.
But when a series of brutal murders take place on the island paradise his lethal skills are once more in demand.
A new visitor has arrived on Moa...and it's hungry for human flesh!

Crustacean Carnage is a homage to all those gory, sexy, violent pulp horror thrillers that NEL and other companies published in the hundreds back in the 70's.
I read many of them and enjoyed every one.
It's a crying shame that print publishers today have largely confined themselves to specific genres and types of stories.
Thankfully we can now read a lot of the original novels as eBooks, and also new novels, by new authors, in those genres and markets we've missed out on for the last couple of decades.
The eBook revolution is in full swing and I for one have embraced it wholeheartedly.

If you enjoy a good pulp fiction horror/action thriller then you'll love Crustacean Carnage.

It's currently marked down for a late January 2014 release on Amazon and Smashwords and most of the other major eBook platforms.

Cheers: KJL.

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