Saturday, May 31, 2014

Of Swordsmen and Sorcery

My third novel is about to be released as an eBook on Amazon and Smashwords and the other major eBook platforms.

Of Swordsmen and Sorcery volume one is just what it says on the anthology of some of my sword and sorcery stories collected in one book.

Here you will find tales of Jarn the Koszak, a Conan-like character with his own indomitable style.
You will also meet Crow the Thiefmaster, sometimes known as Hawkeye the well as a host of other heroes and Tangara, war-chief of the Matatulu...who leads his Leopard warriors against a horde of Zombesi, ruled over by a deathless Queen who feeds on the flesh of men...and Skellan, a wolfshead viking on the trail of a murderous goblin, set among the snow-covered peaks of the northern mountains...and Aurellius, Rome's most revered and feared gladiator, the perfect killer, or is he?...and Lochinvar, Scottish clansman and infamous knight, who seeks revenge against the monster that killed his cousin on the loch.

From hidden mountain fortresses to lost cities, from the open savannah to sinister catacombs to deadly waters.

Exotic locations, lethal's all here, everything you've come to expect from classic sword and sorcery tales.


Cheers: KJL

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