Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Of Swordsmen and Sorcery costs more from Amazon AU than Amazon USA

HI everyone

Just a quick note to explain to my Australian readers why they have to pay more for Of Swordsmen and Sorcery than my American readers.
If you order the novel from Smashwords you can buy it for my chosen price of US$2.99, if you order it through Amazon and you live in Australia the price will automatically change to AU$3.71 (or thereabouts).

This is why, quoted direct from the Amazon KDP help desk:

As you've chosen 70% royalty option, the minimum list price that can be set for your title for our Kindle Store is $2.99 and that can be set for our Kindle Store is $3.99. This is the reason for the price of your title being reflected as $3.99 in our Kindle Store, though, the price of the title in our Kindle Store is $2.99 and the converted AUD is less than $3.99.

So...nothing I can do about it. Believe me, I tried. Sent numerous emails to Amazon all to no avail.

Like I said, you want to save a dollar, order Of Swordsmen and Sorcery from Smashwords instead and only pay US$2.99.



Cheers: KJL

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